Oh no he di’n’t!

What are we thinking? Of course he did. Michelle Obama also got in on the Jay-Z and Beyoncé love, taking precious time away from pondering our greatest national security threat: obesity.

Four Americans were murdered in Libya, American embassies are under assault and German and British embassies in the Sudan are now under siege by Islamist mobs. Meanwhile, our celebrity preezy of the United Steezy skips intel briefings and keeps his laser-like focus set on rubbing elbows with Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

From Twitchy CEO/founder Michelle Malkin’s lastest column, “The Hip-Hop President: All Swag, No Cattle“:

Wazzup, President Obama? You’ve got room on your schedule to schmooze hip-hop radio DJs, debate Nicki Minaj’s rap lyrics, hobnob with big donor celebs Jay-Z and Beyonce, and hang with Hollywood gossip TV anchors.

We see your passion on the golf course, basketball court and beach. We see you late night on Letterman and Leno. We see your boundless energy on the campaign trail. We see your Twitter donation solicitations from dusk till dawn.

But when it comes time to play leader of the free world in times of international crisis, it’s “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.” He’s all swag, no cattle.

Was Obama scribbling “Barack hearts Beyoncé” in his Trapper-Keeper while the United States reportedly ignored warnings about the threat of deadly Islamist violence in Libya?

Maybe Netanyahu should enter the contest if he wants to meet with the campaigner in chief.

Oh, he totally would. But you know how it is. Schmoozing Jay-Z, Beyoncé and “Pimp with the Limp” keeps Obama pretty busy these days. Plus, Vegas, baby!