From the professional diplomats forced to delete their apology for Muslim hurt feelings, a little social media outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood:

Evidently in addition to Remedial Groveling, international diplomacy school now offers Trolling 101. And today the U.S. embassy in Cairo is dredging up all those old lessons in oh-snappery to bicker with the Muslim Brotherhood on Twitter.

Naturally the Muslim Brotherhood responded.

While there’s little doubt that Muslim Brotherhoood radicals believe they can get away with more moderate tweets in English, is Twitter smack-talking the MB the Obama administration’s official response to a group of butchers calling for worldwide anti-American rage? And does the embassy think this will rehab its new reputation for appeasement?

Mob violence rages on and the U.S. embassy in Cairo engages in 140-character snippets of troll-plomacy instead of seriously addressing Islamist attacks. Countdown to the media spinning this as Mitt Romney’s doing starts now.