As we reported earlier, the mysterious director behind the bizarre film being blamed for Tuesday’s deadly riots has been outed as a shady Egyptian fraudster named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Former Obama For America coordinator and self-proclaimed “Republican for Obama” Sam Cooke decided that it would be hilarious to tie Mitt Romney to Nakoula. After all, Romney is wealthy and a Mormon, and what could be shadier than that, right? We know the media is all too happy to shift the focus of anti-Americanism abroad away from President Obama, Cook’s hero, and onto Mitt Romney, so it makes sense that Cook is only too happy to do his part.

For Cook to link Mitt Romney and his campaign to a man who is being unjustly blamed for the deaths of four Americans is disgraceful and pathetic. And, sadly, it’s exactly what we’d expect from a shameless political worm like Cook.

Hmmm … who’s the desperate one?