As we noted earlier, it didn’t take long for American liberals to angrily assign blame for the horrific Tuesday terror attacks at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and the U.S. Consulate in Libya that left four Americans dead.  Public Enemy Number One was not the Islamic rioters themselves but instead the Coptic Christian filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who was outed today by the Associated Press and other media outlets who are also in a mad dash to shift the blame away from the murderers.  Why?  Because to the mainstream media, it seems that it’s more important to understand the underlying motivations of those who “insult Islam” than the underlying motivations of radical Islamic fundamentalists who rape, torture, bury alive, and murder those who either “disobey” or categorically reject the Islamic religion.

Also blamed today? Controversial pastor Terry Jones, who supports the film and who, like filmmaker Nakoula, is receiving death threats.

Sadly, this “shift the blame” tactic is one engaged in as well by liberal feminists who falsely claim to be the voice of women all across America.  (In reality, their “pro-women” stance is selective and only applies to like-minded individuals within their group, not conservative women.)

How have some feminists and liberal women reacted to the brutal terror attacks that have taken place this week in the name of the same type of radical Islam that views women as third-class citizens?  Predictably:

Got it? Forget about the perps.  It’s the filmmaker and his supporters who need a closer look.

Unfortunately this is part of a larger problem with liberals in general, and feminists in particular, whose reactions to how radical Islam treats women are bizarrely tame in comparison to their vicious attacks on pro-life conservatives, whom they view as a far greater threat to women’s rights than the so-called “religion of peace.” This even though the core of the pro-life movement isn’t about keeping women barefoot and in the kitchen or as “slaves to the patriarchy”, but instead revolves around respecting the lives of the innocent unborn.

This should be a time when all Americans, conservative and liberal alike, should be able to join together in strong condemnation of the evil attackers who murdered four innocent Americans.  And considering the real ongoing long war against women being waged by radical Islam, feminists especially should have zero issues in standing shoulder to shoulder not only against this week’s brutal attacks, but also against the repeated misogynistic and often violent treatment of women by Islamic fundamentalists. But no. Feminists are engaging in a dangerous game of “never let a crisis go to waste” by focusing more on the alleged ideology and allegiances of the filmmaker and his supporters rather than the inherent hatred and evil behind the the type of Islamic zealots who would carry out the attacks we’ve seen this week, and who also make it a priority to subjugate women because the Koran commands them to do so.

Shame on you, feminists. That is if you have any left.