On “Hardball” Thursday afternoon, as riots continued across the Middle East for a third day, host Chris Matthews continued the media’s demonization of Mitt Romney, asking when the GOP candidate would denounce the filmmakers behind “Innocence of Muslims.”

“Why hasn’t he condemned the brutally offensive film that was at least party responsible for this violence in the Middle East?” asked Matthews, setting up guest David Ignatius, who wrote in the Washington Post that he found it “striking that Mr. Romney had nothing to say about such hatred directed at a major religious faith.” (A major religious faith? Is that relevant?) Matthews then presented Hillary Clinton as a model, showing a clip of the Secretary of State denouncing the film.

So why hasn’t Romney denounced the film? Perhaps because he chose instead to denounce the U.S. Embassy’s original attempt to placate the mob. But it’s easier to call for the head of a filmmaker whose identity is still in question, isn’t it?


The less-immediate effort to track down those actually responsible for the deaths of four Americans seems to be making progress — and those killers have been found in Libya, not the United States.

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