Anthea Butler is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. The title of her most recent book, The Gospel According to Sarah: How Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Angels Are Galvanizing the Religious Right, gives you a pretty good idea of where she stands politically.

This morning, she strongly implied that Sam Bacile is responsible for yesterday’s embassy attacks and, as a result, should be tossed into jail.

Bacile is an Israeli filmmaker who lives in California and has gone into hiding. He made the crappy movie that is being used as a pretext to justify the violence that erupted in Egypt and Libya yesterday.

But is making a movie that makes Muslims angry a crime? Butler appears to think so.

Of course, like any academic, Butler purports to support free speech rights:

But it is clear that she gets most excited when arguing that those rights are highly circumscribed:

Sounds like Anthea Butler, Sally Kohn, and Mike Barnicle would get along swimmingly.

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Update: Butler has gone into CYA-mode and locked her Twitter account. 

Update: The plot thickens: Filmmaker ‘Sam Bacile,’ blamed for embassy attacks, does not exist

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