As Twitchy reported earlier, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania is calling for the imprisonment of Sam Bacile, an Israeli filmmaker whose “Innocence of Muslims” is being blamed by many for yesterday’s bloody attacks in Egypt and Libya. Bacile’s crime? Making a lousy movie that depicts Mohammed as a fraud, among other things. Muslims believe any depiction of Mohammed is a serious offense.

Bacile, fearing for his life, has gone into hiding. But for many Muslims, that is not enough. They launched the #RuinSamBacile hashtag this morning to express their outrage and make further threats on Bacile.

As we saw last night, there were Muslims who took offense to the anti-American protests and rightfully condemned the attacks. And today, a handful of those angered by Bacile’s film asked for a relatively level-headed approach to the anger:

Unfortunately, their calls went largely unheeded. A storm of condemnation and threats poured forth:

Those impatient for Bacile’s eternal punishment offered to help take care of killing him themselves:

Anti-semitic filth naturally sprang up:

It’s worth noting that HijabiGodfather tweeted this shortly thereafter:

Civility for me, but not for thee. Funny how that works.

America prides itself on freedom of speech. Like it or not, in our eyes, men like Bacile should be allowed to express their points of view, no matter how objectionable we may find them.

Yes it is. And while the clown running the U.S. embassy in Cairo’s Twitter account may say otherwise, hurt feelings are not justification for riots — or murder.



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