The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the erstwhile George W. Bush fan has cast his lot with Barack Obama. Not only will the rapper win Obama’s thanks, but he’ll also successfully avoid a backlash like the one faced by Nicki Minaj. That’s a win! He’s clearly thought things through very carefully:

“I’m going to vote for Obama,” he said Tuesday. “Some of the things I’ve heard in passing from the Romney side make me want to vote for Obama. A couple pieces of [Romney’s] speeches — they left me out there a little bit, I wasn’t sure which way things would actually go. It’s not one specific thing.”

50 Cent said his strong “judge of character” played a role in his decision to endorse President Obama.

“You’ve got to judge people,” he said. “After a while, you look and judge character. Being a good judge of character will determine how successful you are. If you misjudge your friends — and friendship is the strongest form of relationship — you will pay in a divorce.”

Welp, looks like Romney’s outta luck.

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