As Twitchy reported, Obama’s State Department apologized for Muslim “hurt feelings” on September 11 and then doubled down by continuing to apologize, and condemn free speech, after the Cairo embassy was attacked. Then, the U.S. embassy in Libya was also attacked, resulting in the death of Ambassador Stevens and others. President Obama then had the gall to release a statement saying, “U.S. rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.” 

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney released a statement last night. President Obama didn’t answer that 3:00 a.m. call until today. His camp, however, had plenty of time to slam Romney after his statement last night.

Today, the media’s Obama cheerleading squad picked up what Team Obama was laying down.

These Twitter users, aware of the media’s lapdog status, called it late last night.

The absurdity of the press continues today.

Salon’s Joan Walsh waves her pom-poms madly.

She then retweeted these gems.

New Yorker’s Ben Greenman joins in.

As does Media Matters’ Oliver Willis.

Tommy Lee and Star Jones let their idiocy show.

John Kerry crawls out from under his irrelevant rock.

Um. What are you doing, sir?

And Peggy Noonan puts her cheerleading outfit back on.

Mitt Romney then gave a statement in person today, and took questions from the lapdogs. The contrast between him and President Obama was striking. To the sane, at least.

Outraged, indeed. This does not suit! Spin. Spin like the wind! Distract STAT! Ever at the ready to embrace the deadly move of making appeasement a foreign policy, they do just that.

Contrast with Obama, who read a statement and bravely ran away. The most transparent administration ever can’t even take questions from a cheerleading squad!

And these Twitter users sum it all up.

For shame, lapdogs.

Update: “Just a blogger” finds even more “real journalist” fail.

National Journal tried to say that Romney had a faulty time-line regarding the U.S. Embassy in Cairo’s repugnant apologies and condemnations of free speech.

More from Drew Musings (emphasis his):

Not covered in the timeline National Journal produces? This Tweet that was eventuallydeleted by the embassy.

This morning’s condemnation (issued before protest began) still stands. As does our condemnation of unjustified breach of the Embassy

Contra National Journal, when Romney said the embassy apologized after the breach he was on solid ground because he was relying on the later tweet that reaffirmed the apology like language after the mob breached the embassy grounds, tore down our flag and flew the flag of our enemies in its place…on 9/11.

Huh. Fancy that. Drew later notes that National Journal tried to do a stealth edit.

Too bad, sweethearts. The internet, and Twitchy, is forever!