As an aside, Olbermann seems to feel the need to repeat himself. Comes with years and years of being ignored. So, once more, with feeling!

Just call him Keith Drollbermann! Are we right? Eh? Eh?

Keith has already shown himself to have a creepy obsession with Michelle Malkin.

It’s no wonder he’s widened the scope of his fixation to Twitchy.

Oh, ouch! That smarts! His fans (yes, he apparently has some) kept the momentum going:


Well, we certainly can’t argue with well-reasoned arguments like those. Heh.

One Twitterer found a way to fit Olby’s trolling of Twitchy into a perfect nutshell:

Another offered up a much-needed reality check for the fuming foot-stomper:

Awww, snap!

Will Olbermann surpass Ellen Barkin in severity of Twitchy obsession? Stay tuned!



Bereft of any substantial comebacks to being called out for his vileness, Olbermann hit back at his detractors by reminding them that he’s part of the one percent:

He’s really rackin’ up the charm points, isn’t he? All hail the People’s Pundit!