Twitter is buzzing with the news that The White House has reportedly refused a request for a meeting between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Why, yes. Yes, it can be.

Schedule is tight? All that campaigning sure is time-consuming! Will he even be able to work in a game of golf?

The White House is now denying that the request was refused. Yet, they are still saying travel schedules “conflict.” So, that means no meeting, yes? Thus, refusal.

Words are hard.

Citizens are rightfully outraged and express their anger on Twitter.

That’s right. And the president who knows the mostest ever about Judaism. Because, books! And some of his best friend are Jewish. That just doesn’t include Netanyahu, evidently.

These Twitter users predict a swift change of heart will be happening.

Heh. Gee, wonder why the DNC platform originally removed both God and Jerusalem and the media whitewashed the debacle?

Bingo. And it says that it is time for him to be fired in November.

Good riddance.