We’ve known for a while that actress Martha Plimpton hearts abortion. Apparently, she and some of her fellow Julias decided that it was high time to parlay that love into something more. Enter A is For…:

A is For is a campaign challenging the traditional meaning of the scarlet letter by encouraging women, and the men who support them, to wear the A proudly. We are taking back the A by re-appropriating its meaning to one of dignity, defiance, and autonomy.

Women are waking up to the aggressive legislative assault on their health taking place in state houses and in Congress. It is an assault that threatens our physical freedom with a force unheard of in the last 40 years. With so-called “personhood” bills and a systematic campaign of dis-information, the overriding message we’re receiving is one we thought we’d overcome a long time ago: that women are too ignorant, too confused, too selfish and too thoughtless to be trusted with the control of our own bodies.

Every woman, and every man who has ever loved one, must wear the A at some point in their lives: Whether you’re a mother who’s decided she doesn’t want more kids, or a student waiting to start a family until the right time, or a teenager who needs access to Plan B, or a boyfriend who isn’t ready to be a dad, or a husband who supports his wife’s desire to remain childless, or a father who wants his daughter to be able to realize her own dreams before becoming a mom, we all wear the A. And we are standing up for our right to be heard without being shamed. We are taking back our A’s. The A is for Autonomy. It’s for Allegiance. It’s for Action. What does your “A” mean to you?

To these vagin— er, women (and every man who has ever loved one, apparently), “A” means never having to say you’re sorry — or take responsibility for your own actions.

Plimpton put out a video yesterday on the importance of autonomy (starts with “A,” you see), in which she asserted the importance of being autonomous when it comes to demanding that the government finance your reproductive decisions. Mmm … pretzel logic.

That all sounds just ducky to Plimpton’s bestie, “Glee” actress Jane Lynch, who graciously took a moment out of her busy day to record a video message for Julias everywhere:

“A” is for “awwwwww,” right? Wasn’t that special? Lynch and Plimpton’s admirers seemed to think so:



*Sniff* Can’t you all just feel the love up in here?

“A” is for “anti-emetic.” We need one.



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