“Real journalists!” You know, like their fellow cheerleaders who all spin for Obama. Spin like the wind! What prompted this latest outburst from the Obama cheerleading @PPPPolls?

Public Policy Polling doesn’t like being called out for its blatant bias and idiocy, you see.

Huh, fancy that! A polling group tied in with Daily Kos and union goons is pushing the absurd narrative that Obama will do better than Greek column-y 2008.

This Twitter user was prescient, as always.


Other Twitter users join in the mocking and call @PPPPolls out for its unprofessional and puerile behavior.


But, wait. What’s this? Aww, poor little @PPPPolls is throwing a stompy foot tantrum, much like a child who is caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

The mocking rightly continues.


Gutsy call!



Maybe not for much longer. Or, at least, some won’t be paying any attention anymore.

Fail, Public Policy Polling.