And by Team Obama, he also means the media. As Twitchy reported, members of the media were breathlessly reporting rain in Charlotte. Except, they called it a “deluge” and a “monsoon,” and cheered “good call, Team Obama.” The lapdogs must do a happy, tail-chasing dance in order to spin for The One and all.

Weather, like truth, is hard. Here is a little tip for the media cheerleaders: There are things called rain showers. They happen, especially in the South.

And reports are already coming in that the 0% chance of rain this evening may bear out.

Skies are already clear in Charlotte.

And nothing gets past CNN’s Howard Kurtz.

Oh, honey, bless your heart. Again.

What will media do now?

By the way, lapdogs, what happened to this?

Exactly. Blue skies or rainy skies, it shouldn’t have mattered. But, you know, that whole size “issue.”

How far will the breathless reporting go? And will they soon have egg on their faces?

Heh. Not allowed!

Oh, our aching sides.

Update: The ominous blue skies continue.