Now, that’s a spine of steel.

Catholic Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York, an outspoken critic of President Obama’s abortion mandate and war on Catholic health care providers, was given the closing benediction slot at the DNC. After agreeing to deliver the closing prayer at the RNC, Dolan revealed that he had extended his services to the Democrats, but was blown off. 

The matter was quietly smoothed over and Dolan appeared tonight.

He tweeted before the prayer:

Dolan didn’t hold back:

Dolan also summoned prayers for those “persecuted for their religious convictions” — a clear shot at the Obama administration’s campaign against the religious freedom of Catholic and other religious health care providers opposed to the Obamacare abortion mandate.

Democrats for Life was iced out of spots on the stage; their petition to change the platform to reflect the views of 21 million pro-life Democrats was rejected.

But Cardinal Dolan amplified and represented the silenced on stage:

Hands down, Dolan was the most memorable and newsworthy speaker of the night. Too bad most networks didn’t air it.

The full text of the prayer and video can be found here.

Note: An earlier version of this post mistakenly included video of Dolan’s prayer at the RNC (that is, last week).  We have removed that video.


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