Hey, look who slithered out from the gutter of irrelevancy. Keith Olbermann’s career is dead, but his signature misogyny is alive and thriving. And once again, he tucked his progressive “For the Women” card in his back pocket while flinging sexist gutter sludge at Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers.

Olbermann started off his vileness by feigning ignorance of who Powers is. (It’s one of his favorite methods of belittling women.)

Of course, Olbermann knew exactly who Powers was when he called her “one of the house tamed liberals at Fox News” earlier this year.

Powers’ unforgivable crime back in March? Exposing the Left’s double standard on holding liberal sexists accountable for their hate. Ever the misogynist, Olbermann couldn’t resist going after Powers at the same time he was faux-apologizing for his disgusting sexist attacks on Michelle Malkin and S.E. Cupp.

Evidently he doesn’t like pesky broads with their girl cooties calling him out for his misogynist outbursts.

Olbermann must have really been jonesing for some public woman-hating, because his latest attack on Powers got worse.

More dehumanizing, degrading bile from the man who coined “mashed up bag of meat with lipstick” to describe Michelle Malkin. Olbermann revels in reducing women to mindless, interchangeable bags of meat, distinguished only by hair color (or lipstick). And any woman — liberal or conservative — who has the audacity to think for herself is a favorite target for his weaponized misogyny.

What was that about a conservative War on Women?

So what prompted Olbermann’s latest stomach-turning attack on Powers (aside from his growing need for a woman-bashing fix)? After watching the Sandra Fluke Victimhood Variety Hour last night, Powers called out the world’s most talkative “silenced” woman for playing the victim card.

Powers compared Rush Limbaugh’s attack on Fluke to Olbermann’s previous attacks on her. The biggest difference in how they reacted? Powers didn’t hop aboard the Victimhood Express.

Unlike Fluke who needs to keep President Knight in Feminist Armor on speed-dial to fight her battles, Powers fired back without playing the victim card.

The revolting Keith Olbermann in a nutshell: