Former leftist activist Lee Stranahan has been on the front lines in the fight against stalker and terrorist Brett Kimberlin. He and his family have recently been the victims of nasty threats from Kimberlin supporters and violent leftists, and, no longer feeling safe in their home, they have decided to flee. Blogger Aaron Walker, who has himself dealt with intimidation and lawfare, has more:

I have called and tweeted to him seeking a definitive statement about the cause.  I will let you know if there is any definitive answer, but he would seem to be alluding to the recent threats of rape to himself and his wife by Occupyrebellion who is definitely a member of Team Kimberlin and the Liberal Grouch (see here and here). (Update: read where Patrick quotes LG’s language and see if that sounds like a threat to you)
And of course he has been viciously attacked by Brooks Bayne’s crew for months.

Over the weekend, Stranahan alerted police to one of the people making threats against him:

Leftist and self-described “liberal patriot” Bill Schmalfeldt, aka The Liberal Grouch, has been among the most vocal of those threatening Stranahan. Here’s just a brief sampling of his nastiness:

Scroll through his blog and Twitter feed at your own risk. He’s truly vile.

Schmalfeldt insists he never made any threats:

As Patterico documented, Schmalfeldt’s denial is patently false. Schmalfeldt insists that his threat was as innocuous as saying “good morning.” Not remotely. Moreover, he repeatedly endorses and proclaims his solidarity with Twitterer @OccupyRebellion, another notorious Kimberlin supporter. @OccupyRebellion sent out a tweet clearly threatening Stranahan’s wife:


After receiving repeated threats of this nature, Stranahan feels his only remaining option is to move his family away from their current home. Doing so will require extra financial help. Stranahan took to Twitter to ask his supporters for assistance:

And, naturally, the vilest of the vile used Stranahan’s financial hardships to mock him:

It’s utterly disgraceful. Thankfully, Stranahan is a far bigger man than all of his sick detractors combined, and he’s vowed to keep his head up and fight the good fight:

Indeed. Meanwhile, you can also help Stranahan by remaining vigilant. And if you’d like to donate to the Bloggers Defense Fund, which goes toward aiding victims of Kimberlin-style lawfare, you can do so here.