Where are your pom-poms, Andrea?

As Twitchy reported, Democrats used “weather” as an explanation for the smaller venue for President Obama’s DNC speech tonight. They totally would have filled the stadium. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

But, wait a tic … what’s this?

Democrats don’t need no stinkin’ meteorologists! Anyway, they have the media to spin for them. Spin like the wind! Here they are breathlessly reporting rain in Charlotte. RAIN!!!1111

The New York Times.

The Washington Post and MSNBC.


A deluge! And many would have been on line. Oh, the humanity!

CNBC and BET. With picture. Case. Closed!


More CNN.


More MSNBC in the form of Chuck Todd.

He has pictures, too! Look how frightening it looks!

And CNN’s Howard Kurtz.

A monsoon. Oh, for cripes sake. Howard? Bless your heart. Maybe it’s time for another lesson?

Hmm. Can you tell the difference between “real journalists” and DNC communications director, Daily Kos’s Markos Moulitsas and Democrat strategist/CNN commentator Donna Brazile?

Yep. Neither can we.

Politico sets you silly Republicans straight!

The Obama cheerleaders in the media are at it again.

Put your pom-poms down, media. It’s just embarrassing now.


Update: What will they do now? As on-scene Twitter reports indicate, the totally racist Charlotte skies are clear and blue!