Once again, actor Jason Alexander is calling conservatives’ patriotism into question. This time, it’s because the Right is supposedly a loathsome cesspool teeming with “insults and vulgarity.”

Many followers backed him up, natch.


Oh, that’s right. The Left always remains above the fray, setting an example of respect and civility for us all. No “insults or vulgarity” there, right?

Perhaps Mr. Alexander missed Twitchy’s extensive coverage of misogynist actor Jason Biggs tweeting about sexually assaulting Janna Ryan?

Just in case Alexander isn’t as devoted a reader of Twitchy as his death wish-spewing comrade Ellen Barkin, let’s take a walk down liberal civility lane, courtesy of the Twitchy archives.

#FUCKROMNEY: Hate and death threats greet Romney’s RNC speech

Liberals to Ann Romney: Happy Birthday, bitch. Hope you die.

New Tone alert: Libs attack Ann Romney as ‘cunt,’ ‘bitch,’ ‘whore’

“Kill Scott Walker”: Angry libs flood Twitter with death threats after Wisconsin recall defeat

War on Women: ‘I want to murder Ann Romney’; Left hurls misogynist hate, death threats at multiple GOP women

Jon Lovitz treated to another round of liberal hate after criticizing Obama

War on Women: Misogynist Lefties vilely attack Gov. Jan Brewer as ‘bitch,’ ‘ho,’ ‘cunt,’ and ‘hideous’

Left attacks Sarah Palin’s ‘slut’ daughters and ‘retard’ son after she tweets about SCOTUS ruling; Update: Death wishes

Stop whining, wing nuts! Governor Nikki Haley totally had a beating coming

No Bullying? Unless it is aimed at Bristol Palin: ‘someone needs to kill Bristol palin stupid ass lil CUNT’

Romney haters to Nicki Minaj: Die, Uncle Tom bitch!

Sick: Wikipedia entry calls Mia Love ‘dirty, worthless whore’ and ‘House Nigger’

Tolerant libs give Condoleezza Rice the ‘Mia Love’ treatment

Justice Thomas dissents, Left hurls vile racial slurs ‘house nigga,’ ‘Uncle Tom’

Need we go on?



Alexander took some time to respond to conservatives upset at being branded unpatriotic. Of course, he turned the “dialogue” into a smugfest:

News flash, Jason: Republicans make civil remarks all the time and are vilified for it.

Assumptions? Alexander seems to be pretty good at making those about conservatives.


We’d be more than happy to educate Jason on the lapdog media.

Neither do we. See the above stroll down liberal civility lane.

We’ll leave you with this mini-lecture from George Costanza: