Even a ridiculously swollen ankle won’t keep the Newark mayor from his Obama surrogate duties.

According to Politico, Booker twisted his ankle getting out of a car this morning. He went on to speak at a Florida delegation breakfast, where he told the audience, ““You can take out my ankle, you can take out my knee, I’m still going to stand up for Barack Obama.”

Booker has built up a reputation as quite possibly the country’s most heroic mayor, a reputation that, by all accounts, he deserves. So it should come as no surprise that he was able to power through the pain this morning and will do so again tonight when he addresses the Democratic National Convention.

The pressure is on more than Booker’s ankle, though. There’s little doubt that he feels he needs to go out of his way to “stand with Obama” given his negative remarks about the president this year. In May, he dared to call Team Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney and Bain “crap,” and he paid dearly. After that kind of treatment, is it any wonder that Booker is now, literally and figuratively, treading carefully?


Booker also spoke today at a Planned Parenthood rally:

During his speech, he revealed that he has fallen back into lockstep with Team Obama and promises to be a good little soldier from now on:


We thought Booker was above race- and gender-baiting, but it looks like we were wrong. We’re disappointed in the mayor, and we’re not alone:





What a shame.

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