What happens at the Dem convention stays at the Dem convention? Only if you’re lucky.

If you’re a journalist staying at one of the hot-sheet motels or drug dens assigned by the DNC, you could end up with some companions hitching a ride out of Charlotte.

Jonah Goldberg and the National Review team moved on to cleaner pastures in South Carolina, as did other journalists with a sense of self-preservation and affinity for hygiene.

But it’s not just conservative media being given the grungy carpet treatment in these STD incubators. Even reporters from Politico were assigned rooms at motels that necessitate black light inspection, bug bombs and self-defense training.

Step up your game if you want a Milkbone, lapdoggies! If you play your cards right, the DNC might even toss a flea collar in your swag bag. And evidently, you’ll need it.

A National Review correspondent describes the creepy, crawly, unsafe accommodations at one no-tell motel:

The Knights Inn was the worst hotel I have ever seen, and I’ve stayed in many bad motels in my life. Two guys were dealing drugs in the room next to me, and a prostitute was working out of the parking lot. And this was in the early afternoon. The room itself was dirty, full of other people’s stuff, etc.


There’s probably a metaphor here somewhere.



But it’s not just the press dealing with filthy, dangerous accommodations.

Democratic State State Senator Ted Lieu of California is also sharing his hotel room with some uninvited guests.

Change you can believe in?