Just when you thought the once-respectable Newark mayor couldn’t possibly sell himself out to Team Obama any more, tonight in his address to the Democratic National Convention, Cory Booker dug his heels even deeper into the muck. Booker proudly proclaimed — or, rather, yelled — that “being asked to pay your fair share isnt class warfare; it’s patriotism!”

The audience of rapt Julias erupted in applause and chants of “USA! USA!” Of course. We’d expect nothing more.

To the Left, class warfare is patriotism, see?

It’s a wonder the convention facilities didn’t flood, what with all the drooling:


The future? Sorry, kiddo. But this is happening now. And it’s downright scary.

Conservatives were not amused:

Disgusting indeed. Attempting to disguise class warfare as patriotism is shameful and pathetic, and it’s a tactic the Left has no qualms about using. Taking that power away is imperative. Remember in November.

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