The Rockies’ forthcoming “Nickelodeon Day” will move forward as planned, according to Rockies’ VP of Communications, Jay Alves.

Some Twitter users have asked The Rockies to cancel the event in light of Nickelodeon’s promotion of Jason Biggs’ vomitous Twitter page.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the forthcoming animated television show featuring Biggs, who published these foul tweets (and others) last week:

“We absolutely do not support Jason Biggs’ comments and it’s unfortunate,” Alves said after the above tweets were brought to his attention. “We will continue with our [Nickelodeon] Day, but Jason Biggs is certainly not someone we support.”

This past weekend, Nickelodeon actively encouraged its viewers (most of whom presumably are children) to look at Biggs’ filth-filled Twitter page.

Alves declined to comment on Nickelodeon’s promotion of Biggs’ Twitter page.

“They have been a good partner to us, and Jason Biggs is certainly not part of that partnership,” Alves said.

The Colorado Rockies can be reached via email here.  The team’s Twitter handle is @rockies.


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