As Twitchy reported earlier, conservatives are mobilizing today to celebrate National Empty Chair Day. Clint Eastwood’s much-buzzed-about RNC speech last week really got conservatives’ creative juices bubbling, and they erupted today in a glorious display of hilarity and snarkage.

But don’t take our word for it; feast your own eyes on the beauty:

POTUS was kind enough to stop by a few houses for tee parties:

Nice to know that President Obama is diggin’ #EmptyChairDay as much as we are.

The Man of the People was sure to swing by Walmart today, too:

The Obamas: They’re just like us!

Take a seat, pilgrim.

President Obama even managed a covert trip to Afghanistan!

What a guy.

The Misfits also succeeded in helping Obama to overcome his notorious shyness and stick around for a video:

So, so — *wiping away tears* — beautiful. Keep ’em comin’, Twitter! The day is young!