Damn skippy, she is!

Breitbart editor and radio show host Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn Beck today on his program, and she took American Idiot Jason Biggs straight to the woodshed over his disgusting tweets. Nickelodeon, who has yet to straight-up disavow anything employee Biggs has said and has in fact been promoting his Twitter account, didn’t escape Loesch’s wrath, either.

Ditto. Thank you, Dana, for continuing to spread the word about Jason Biggs’ vile, vicious tweets. Parents need to be aware of the man Nickelodeon has chosen to be the voice of a children’s show. With any luck, Nickelodeon and Viacom will reverse course, stand up, and give Biggs the boot. Biggs’ brand of filth has no place on a kids’ network, and Nickelodeon should know better.



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