Oh, dear! What will Ellen Barkin, Michael Moore, Joe Biden, the NAACP, Attorney General Eric Holder and his apologists, Rep. Keith Ellison, and other unhinged leftists (redundant) say about this suppress-y turn of events? As they have told us, over and over, there is nothing more bigoted than requiring photo identification. Well, except for maybe “kitchen cabinets” and “chairs.

What will Rob Delaney say about this latest “suppression?”


From the convention website:

Please complete the following form regarding your organization’s primary contact information and the authorized designee(s) to whom your 2012 Democratic National Convention credentials can be issued.

Authorized Pickup
All pickup persons must have a state-issued ID that matches the name submitted below.

We suppose it shouldn’t be surprising, what with the racist Democratic National Convention line-up being paler than the MSNBC masthead. Conservatives call out the DNC for their rampant hypocrisy. Oh, the irony!

And this citizen claims he needed, or felt like he needed, identification to enter his own building today, due to the DNC presence.


He’s likely not alone.

From Charlottein2012.com

Pedestrians walking to their home or business that falls into a restricted area will be required to provide identification when the road is closed. Passenger (as opposed to commercial) vehicles attempting to enter streets with restricted vehicle access must go through a vehicle checkpoint.

What type of identification is required?
A standard issued government ID is requested.

Huh. Fancy that.