Oh, man. Nothing gets past devoted Twitchy reader Ellen Barkin, does it? Eyes like a hawk, that one.

Yesterday Barkin asked her Twitter followers, “Did Clint Eastwood really make the slitting throat motion…meant for our POTUS???

In response, Twitchy snarked that the ever perceptive actress had obviously detected Clint Eastwood’s “secret desire to kill the president.” Key word: snarked.

Eastwood, of course, revealed no such desire. Or if you’re Barkin, “disire.” Unlike Barkin, who retweeted a wish for all pro-lifers to die during Hurricane Isaac, Eastwood didn’t wish death upon anyone. He made an innocent throat-slicing gesture while calling for the country to fire President Obama:

When somebody does not do the job, we got to let him go.

Clearly those were the words of a violent madman threatening the life of the president. (Note to Ellen: That’s sarcasm.)

Even one of Barkin’s liberal followers took issue with her tweet.

More constructive thought? Here’s what passes for “thought” on Barkin’s Twitter timeline.

Mitt Romney is an anarchist — yet another example of Barkin logic.

But thanks for reading Twitchy, Ellen! Stick around. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.


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