Doesn’t Jason Biggs know that Twitchy is forever?

Earlier this week, we called attention to the American Idiot’s knock on Christians and his vile, sexually degrading tweets about Paul Ryan, Janna Ryan and Ann Romney. We also highlighted the mounting pressure on Nickelodeon to fire the actor from his “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” voice gig.

Biggs dismissed his critics by tweeting, “You know I put my dick in a pie, right?” And completely misreading the First Amendment, his wife, Jenny Mollen tweeted, “How weird would it be if we all had freedom of speech?

But today all of the disgusting tweets are gone from Bigg’s Twitter account and his wife’s tweet has disappeared into the ether as well. No apologies, no acknowledgements of the sickening sexist attacks — just quiet, weaselly deletion.

Nickelodeon has not responded publicly to calls for the misogynist pastry-raper to lose his job. But Biggs cravenly deleting the evidence is unlikely to be enough for parents of young viewers. Many don’t want their kids watching anything associated with Biggs’ filth. And they find Nickelodeon’s continued silence appalling.

The family or the Pig Biggs? What’s it going to be, Nickelodeon?