Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and NBC’s “The Voice” came under fire Friday after Twitchy reported his bigoted anti-Mitt Romney tweet about “magic underwear.”

His brilliant damage control plan? To trot out something that happened 34 years ago to justify something he tweeted on Thursday. Forget what he tweeted because look over there! Mormons!!11!!!1!

Yep, that’s exactly what Levine is suggesting. As always, liberalism is a defense against the indefensible. People like Levine believe their “progressive” ideas shield them from accusations of racism, sexism and other bigotry. They consider liberalism a free pass, a blind eye, and a Get Out of Jail Free card all rolled into one.

When bigotry is weaponized in the service of the progressive agenda, it’s a-OK.

That’s why the liberal media (redundant, we know) have been stoking anti-Mormon sentiment since Romney entered the 2008 presidential race. This year, headlines included “Why Race Is Still a Problem for Mormons” and “Will Mormons’ Racial History be a Problem for Mitt Romney?

And oh-so-tolerant liberals like Adam Levine are emboldened to gleefully parade their bigotry for all to see.

If Levine won’t put his bigotry aside, one Twitter user suggests it might be wise to get behind Romney for practical reasons.

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