As Twitchy reported, Jason Biggs doubled down on his vile tweets about sexually assaulting Paul Ryan’s wife, Janna. How did he plummet below rock bottom and start burrowing into the earth’s crust? Oh, by tweeting misogynist, sexually degrading tweets about Janna Ryan, again, and Ann Romney. He then served that up with a side of repugnant anti-Christian hate, tweeting “Clint Eastwood talking to a non-responsive stool sorta sums up Christianity in a nutshell, huh Republicans?”

But, hey, no big whoop! Why are you freaking out over his despicable anti-Christian and vile misogynist tweets, wing nuts? He put “his dick in a pie.”

Of course, fellow vile travelers defend him.

Wow. Morally bankrupt, much? The sane have a different take.

Indeed. And Nickelodeon is getting pressure to oust the vile Pig Biggs from his voice role in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Does anyone want their children exposed to such hate?

No wonder his only real claim to fame involves his junk and a pie. Pathetically, now he is even trying to rely on that to dismiss his beyond reprehensible behavior.


Pig Biggs deleted his disgusting tweets. Unfortunately for Biggs, Twitchy is forever.


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