Musicians gotta make a living. Performing at a GOP function, however, is apparently the eighth deadly sin of the entertainment industry. Gospel singer BeBe Winans,  a registered Democrat, sang tonight as part of an unpaid gig. He would’ve performed at the DNC, too, but for some unknown reason, they pulled their invitation.

The singer received a tsunami of Twitter spewage for his appearance and misinformed criticism for being a sellout. Talent is supposed to transcend partisanship. Not for the conformity-enforcing Left, unfortunately:

Um, Bebe is a man, hater:

Er, once again, he wasn’t paid.

The contemptible #negrospotting hashtag appeared, of course:

One glimmer of decency:


Correction: In an earlier version of this post, we misspelled BeBe’s name. It’s BeBe not Bebe. Apologies!

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