Little Miss Elitist Star was sure in a tizzy over Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., last night. This wasn’t the first time the RNC drove her to expose her hateful heart. Here is some revolting racism that she hurled at Artur Davis the other night.

Like the repugnant cretins who vandalized Mia Love’s WikiPedia page, Star Jones seems to be calling Mr. Jones a “House N-word” and a slave. I suppose we should be grateful that she left out the last word, although it’s clearly implied, and that she didn’t throw in the despicable “token” and “Uncle Tom” as well.

No core values? Look in the mirror, Ms. Jones. It is you who believes that all black people must think alike and stay on the Democrat plantation. It is you, and your party, who hurl despicable slurs at black men and women for daring to embrace freedom and an ideology that furthers that freedom, instead of infringing upon it.

Shame. Shame on you.

Last night, she added some elitist elder-bashing to the racist mix.

Uh. “Real journalist”? It’s called a convention. Read up on it. She then told Rubio to “recognize.” How dare he criticize The One? Surprisingly, no Latino bashing from her. Yet.

Then she continued with an unhinged rant over Clint Eastwood. Wow, he really got to you, huh, lefties?

That tweet was from John Dickerson, a political correspondent for Slate and political director CBS News. What media bias?


Oh, sweetie. Bless your unhinged heart. Twitter users give her the business, and rightly so.



And this sums it up.

Bingo. Why the growing unhinged delusions and total mask slippage?

Running. Scared.

Update: She’s still scared! You :right wing crazies.”