As Mitt Romney took the stage to accept the Republican presidential nomination, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine couldn’t resist putting his anti-Mormon bigotry on full display.

Oh-so-tolerant libs like Cher, Ellen Barkin, Michael McKean, Roger Ebert and countless Twitter leftists revel in their ignorant disdain for Romney’s Mormon faith. Levine dutifully added his bigoted voice to Hollywood’s seething mass of hate, happy to do his part by attacking Romney, and by extension, all Mormons.

Levine also tweeted about Clint Eastwood’s GOP convention appearance last night.

A number of news sites covered that tweet. But not one appears to have bothered with the bigotry of his “magic underwear” comment. Imagine that.

When leftists panic, their repulsive bigotry shines through. We hope they’ve got Costco memberships, because they’re going to need an awful lot of adult diapers in November.


Levine responds to charges of bigotry … by calling Mormons bigots.