Oh, dear. If anything deserved a “bless their hearts,” this does.

The speakers lined up for the DNC convention are a bunch of old, shrill and totally out of touch dinosaurs. It’s kind of like the MSNBC masthead.

Read it and weep. Or giggle madly. Either one. The line-up features such scintillating speakers as Jimmy Carter, Charlie “Opportunist” Crist, John “I can’t even keep myself awake” Kerry and, of course, Sandra Fluke. Because, vagina.

The media have been helping the Left (we know, shocker!) try to frantically spin the RNC’s diverse and exciting line-up. They have done so, in part, by not showing many of the outstanding speeches and by trying to pretend that black conservatives do not exist. They can’t possibly! How dare they stray from  the Democrat plantation? That does not suit.

The Left has been sickening in their vicious hate aimed at minorities at the RNC this week. And women? They deserve to die for being Republican. Yet, they are still desperately pretending to be diverse and inclusive. For shame.


Err. Guess again!

Aww, Slate’s Matt Yglesias is upset by the unbearable whiteness of being the DNC line-up. Citizens call out the DNC for its pitiful speakers.



Where is Brian Williams to ask Obama why he wants a stage full of “boring white guys”? The blinding monochromatic scheme makes sense, though. It’s the same as Obama’s campaign headquarters.


See, most Americans just see that the line-up is full of Beltway-entrenched, out of touch dinosaurs. We don’t all see color: That is the job of the racist Left. But holding them to their own standards?

Total fail.

We’ll take fresh faces and outstanding, exciting speakers like Mia Love, Ted Cruz, Artur Davis, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and Luce Vela Fortuño, Paul Ryan, Condoleezza Rice, Gov. Nikki Haley, Gov. Susana Martinez and Ann Romney any day.

The RNC is looking to the future. And it is beautiful.