As Twitchy reported last night, Twitter was buzzing over Rep. Paul Ryan’s iPod playlist. The media? Running so scared that they now feel the need to fact check playlists. No, for real.

Nope, not satire. Just a little media self-parody. And, of course, it happened on MSNBC. “Lean forward” into beclowning!

Hide yo’ children, hide yo’ wives! The math witch lists Led Zeppelin under Z, not L! What insidious dark magic is this? Why couldn’t he have just loaded an iPod with his own speeches and gifted it to the Queen of England like President Obama did?

This Twitter user was prescient.

And the mocking of “real journalist” Heilemann was swift and snarky.

And, for the win.

To be fair, it is hard for a member of the media to be cool, what with the shameless and embarrassing sycophancy and all.