Mitt Romney began his speech with the simple declaration, “Mr. Chairman and delegates, I accept your nomination for president of the United States.”

Romney paid quick tribute to astronaut Neil Armstrong, who passed away last weekend.

Romney continued the theme begun on Tuesday with his wife Ann’s speech, speaking to the power of women such as Governor Mary Fallin, Governor Nikki Haley, Governor Susana Martinez, Senator Kelly Ayotte and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Romney offered his take on the current status of “hope and change.”

Despite the demonization of Bain Capital, Romney was proud to speak of his firm’s origins and its success with companies such as Staples and Sports Authority.

Romney, looking forward to “a future where everyone who wants a job can find one,” promised to create 12 million jobs via a five-step plan.

Romney reiterated his promise to repeal Obamacare.

The speech then turned to social issues and a focus on helping families.

After praising the operation by Seal Team Six which took out Osama Bin Laden, Romney turned his attention to foreign policy, noting that “Iran’s centrifuges are still spinning.”

Romney concluded with an appeal to create a united America.

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