When you’re calling in the creator of left-wing JournoList to check your facts, you’ve pretty much given up any pretense of fairness.

Then again, MSNBC doesn’t exactly hide its bias, so in a way Klein is a perfect fit for the left-wing cable network:

Klein once spread false, libelous information about Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin, admits he can’t understand the Constitution because it’s old, and lied about his JournoList, but let’s not be too hard on the former far left-wing American Prospect blogger. After all, he has been known to tell the truth on occasion.

Broken clocks and all.

Update: This morning Ezra Klein’s blog includes a post from Dylan Matthews that falsely claims the Janesville, Wisc., auto plant closed in 2008 “when George W. Bush is (sic) president.”  In fact the plant closed in 2009 under Barack Obama. Who will fact check the fact-checkers?

Klein has now doubled down on the lie.

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