Ezra Klein seemed pretty sure of himself when he defended the accuracy of this post, which was published on Klein’s “WONKBLOG” early this morning. But after Twitchy challenged Klein, someone subsequently made the decision that something was not right.

Here is the grammar-challenged text of the WONKBLOG post when it was published this morning:

The plant shut down in June 2008, when George W. Bush is (sic) president. Ryan says it had not yet shut down Obama was elected (sic)…

And here it is now:

The decision to close the plant was made in June 2008, when George W. Bush was president. Ryan says that Janesville was “about to” lose the factory at the time of the election…

Klein’s blog did not use the word “retraction” or “correction” or the phrase “we apologize for being lying liars.”  Nor did it acknowledge that the original assertion “The plant shut down in June 2008” was factually incorrect. Instead, a brief note of “clarification” was added to the top of the post, as Klein and his whitewashers cling to their “RYAN LIED” meme:

This post has been revised to clarify Paul Ryan’s inaccurate statement about the Janesville GM plant.

The spirit of “fake but accurate” lives.


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