Ha! As Twitchy reported, Democrats aren’t too good at that whole flying plane banners thing. Nor at spelling, evidently. First, they flew one proclaiming “America is better then birtherism.” Next, one shrieking that Romney and Ryan are “too extreme for woman.” That’s funny coming from people who evidently still speak like cavemen.

Breitbart.com’s Dana Loesch decided to kindly help out the Democrats with ideas for new banners.


And other citizens swiftly joined in. They are givers and all. Enter, #Demplanebanners!

Yes. Perhaps Democrats are simply following President Obama’s spelling lead?



Oh, our sides! Will Code Pink enter the plane banner mix? Garbed in vagina costumes … again?



Michelle Obama already instructed supporters to do just that. Whoops!


And, win.

Keep them coming, Twitter!