Meet the new tone. It’s the same as the Left’s old and typically misogynist tone, only with even more vicious hate and death threats. Multiple GOP women were on the receiving end of vile hatred during the Republican National Convention last night. First, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.)


Twitchy has already reported the incredibly vicious hate spewed at GOP congressional candidate Mia Love here, here and here.

Twitchy also reported some misogyny spewed at Ann Romney earlier today. There is even more, and it includes death threats and wishes for her death.

Morally bankrupt cretins. War on women? What do you call wishing for their deaths? Sickening. Will Twitter let these death threats stand?

Jan Brewer was also once again the victim of incredibly vile misogyny.

Demisogyny on full, hateful display. For shame. Shame on you all.

The Left’s For The Women card expired long ago. It needs to be confiscated and cut up into little pieces now. War on women? It’s real. But it comes from the Left. A woman dares to refuse to walk in woman-hating Democrat lockstep? She must be attacked, punitively shamed and have her very gender taken away from her. Because, shut up. How dare she have a mind of her own? Now, she deserves to die for believing in conservative principles and freedom. It is weaponized misogyny, literally.

Remember this ladies, in November. You have come a long way, baby. And this disgusting misogyny and hate should not and cannot stand.

No more. Stop violence against women? Vote Republican.


For the sake of clarity, Twitchy has replaced the first tweet in this post. Some readers misunderstood that this tweet, initially included at the top of the post, was a condemnation of the death threat against Mrs. Romney.

Twitchy reader @informedblackmn notified us that he came under attack after we used his tweet.