As Twitchy reported this morning, repugnant women-hating cretins defaced Ms. Love’s Wikipedia page with beyond reprehensible epithets like “house nigger” and “dirty whore.” After her speech last night, misogynist and racist lefties labeled her an “Aunt Tom” and a “token.”

The repugnant and hateful racism continues today:

Disgusting. And it is endless. Chris Matthews wants to talk about “dog whistles” and “code“? What about those racist bullhorns, Chrissy? MSNBC and other media outlets dismiss strong women like Ms. Love. They try to pretend she doesn’t even exist. So much so, that they didn’t even run her rousing speech, which she hit out of the park, last night.

Ms. Love fights for freedom and for true individuality. For that, the Left thinks she should be punished. How dare she flee the Democrat plantation?

The Right is rallying behind Ms. Love.

And lookie here:

Tell us again who hates women. Tell us again who are the racists. Tell us again who tries to marginalize minorities.

It’s the Left. They seek to punitively shame any who don’t fit into the boxes they have made for them. Know your place, you see, Ms. Love. “All you people” must think alike.

Revolting. Your move, MSNBC lapdogs.