Reports surfaced earlier today that many RNC delegates trying to get to the convention to raise their voices about the #RNCpowergrab were stuck on buses and missed the votes. Disgruntled attendees, including both media and activists, continued to grumble about their transportation woes through the night.

From the Tampa Bay Times:

Security personnel stop the bus carrying the Florida delegation from entering the security zone around the Tampa Bay Times Forum on Tuesday. After the bus circles for almost an hour, the angry delegates arrive too late for the start of Republican National Convention speeches.

Delegates were to board buses at noon to head from the Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort in Palm Harbor to the Tampa Bay Times Forum 30 miles away.

That did not happen, however, because delegates were told the Republican National Committee forgot to send the buses…

The buses finally showed up about 12:30. After an hour’s bus ride, one bus of delegates arrived in downtown Tampa with a half-hour to spare.

But at that point, for reasons unknown, the bus driver took a wrong turn.

At 2:08 p.m., though the delegates likely did not know this, the RNC emailed a statement to the Tampa Bay Times.

“The buses arrived and transported delegates — although we acknowledge there are always a lot of moving parts on the first full day of activities. We expect our transportation system to become more efficient in the days ahead.”

Back on the bus, rather than turn toward the Times Forum, Davis again turned the bus away, stirring what was getting close to panic among the passengers…

It was 2:15 p.m. now, the convention was under way, and the delegation from Florida was brooding.

As the bus did another loop, a couple of delegates pounded the windows when they spotted pedestrians.

“Let us out of here!” they shouted.

“The driver must be a Democrat,” said another.

By nearly 1 a.m. Eastern, the problem still had not been resolved:

Bus hell: The RNC built it.