That’s right. The Associated Press assigned a reporter, Beth Fouhy, to report from the scene of the Republican National Convention, where she proceeded to abstain from reporting on what’s actually happening there. All the better to shape an Obama-friendly, conservative-bashing narrative. Under the guise of neutrality and political agnosticism, of course.

From the AP editorial, er, “report” detailing the “nettlesome” issues unmentioned:


Viewers tuning into the Republican National Convention have heard Ann Romney speak lovingly of her husband and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pledge “a new era of truth telling.” What they haven’t heard is talk of offshore tax havens, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, or questions about President Barack Obama’s birthplace – the kind of divisive issues that have bedeviled Mitt Romney in the weeks before formally accepting his party’s presidential nomination.

Let the mockage of media lapdoggery commence:

But seriously:

We’ll be watching, AP. Yes, we’ll be “nettlesome.”