The revised Republican National Convention schedule resulted in Donald Trump being dropped as a speaker. Oh, dear! What is the camera hungry and attention-obsessed to do? If you are Donald Trump, the answer is troll for attention in every classless and ludicrous way possible.

Sigh. Twitter users were quick to call him out.

Yep. As always, the Left tries to paint an entire party based on the classless words of one alleged man. A man who has contributed mainly to prominent Democrats, by the way.

He doubled down on the classless this morning by slamming Arianna Huffington.

Wow. Look, there are many valid reasons to slam Huffington. Being a sexist pig and hurling hateful garbage at her is not one of them.

Not only does that show Trump’s utter lack of class, it shows a lack of intellect. Slam her on how she is wrong on issues. You know, important things.

Twitter users, Democrat and Republican, again rightly give him the business.

Bingo! Hence the relentless trolling now. He can’t take the fact that the GOP convention told him: “You’re Fired.”

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