This afternoon, the Republican National Convention Committee on Rules ignored conservative principles and voted in favor of a compromise that would jeopardize grass-roots activists ability to exercise their political voices. The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney covered the Rules Committee vote:

The fight may not be over yet:

Faced with the prospect of an unprecedented power grab by the RNC, grass-roots conservatives are fighting the GOP establishment with emails, phone calls, and the power of Twitter. Republicans should be bound by the principles they profess to cherish, and the “R” after their name does not shield them from criticism by conservatives. The Tea Party’s voice will not be silenced, and activists are not backing down.

So what is going on? FreedomWorks, one of the most vocal Tea Party groups raising hell over the RNC’s shenanigans, is on top of it:

Kristina Ribali, FreedomWorks New Media Director, summoned her righteous indignation and went after the RNC brilliantly:

Legions of concerned conservatives and Tea Party activists are turning to Twitter to spread the word about the power grab and to stress the importance of holding the line:

The Tea Party has never gone down without a fight. This is no exception. Whether protesting repeated power grabs by the Obama Administration or coming out swinging against the Republican establishment, Tea Partyers have always stood on principle and they will not buckle in the face of threats to their freedom.

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