Alas, very few heeded that warning.

Uh. Except it really is satire. Which they would have known, had they read the tag line right at the top of the page, “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record.”

Bless their hearts, that didn’t stop Twitter progressives from falling all over themselves in order to attempt to tar all Republicans.

With a spoof.

Now he’s a Republican leader, you see. We guess that Twitter user is taking his cues from MSNBC, who recently put up a graphic of Ryan, Romney and Akin, as if they are connected.

Oh, dear. Non-attention-paying kettle, meet pot.

Ah, liberals who don’t like that whole reading thing.

Indeed. It was reported so much, it made Memeorandum.

Facts? Who needs pesky facts when trying to falsely smear an entire party?

With a spoof.