Ah, the always classy and sexist Left! Get the mind bleach ready: Code Pink again broke out the vagina costumes. Members dressed up in giant vagina costumes to protest at the GOP convention in Tampa. Worse: They also danced around. In the costumes.

For that emetic alone, they must pay.

Some reports indicate that the resultant mocking caused them to pack up their absurd costumes and go home.

The mocking continues regardless. And rightly so.

Bingo. And this video and the following photos prove it, if you can stomach them.


Can you feel the tolerance and love? Disgusting.

They also don’t seem to know what the meaning of respect is.

Twitter users continue to mock the Vagina Protesters, while trying to teach them a little something about reality. And women.




Indeed. Here is the real War on Women: The Left, including the wackos at Code Pink, continue to incessantly reduce women to the sum of their girly bits only. Women must not use their words, nor their brains; that’s for boys! They are to consider themselves female parts only. No thinkies for you, ladies. Just yammer on about your vaginas. That’s Demisogynist and Femisogynist approved.

Wow. That shows a lot of respect for women, huh? You’ve come a long way, baby!