Jay Leno set out to carry the progressive sisterhood’s water on “The Tonight Show” Monday night. Unfortunately for Jay, the awesome Dennis Miller was there to tip his bucket.

NewsBusters caught the exchange:

JAY LENO: Well, I think he has compassion for regular people. I think that’s what — I think if the Republican Party is missing anything, it’s this sort of war on women, and, and compassion-

MILLER: War on women? With Sandra Fluke? She’s 30, for God’s sake. She’s still in school. She wants me to kick in ten bucks a month for her birth control? Here, I’ll give you ten. Just shut up for a second, okay? [Cheers and applause] This woman, Jay, the war on women, for God’s sake.

Showing his true liberal colors, Leno also promoted the lie that Todd Akin represents the views of the GOP and whined that Mitt Romney “had to go all the way right.”

Listen to the audience cheer Miller’s smack down of the ridiculous War on Women nonsense.

The Twitter audience also cheered Miller’s comeback.

Miller also had some fun ripping on Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

More video here: