Awww, she figured it out herself! Here, Cher. Have a cookie.

Yesterday, the daft diva blessed us with a barely-intelligible Twitter tirade about Republicans’ intent to use voter ID laws to discriminate against the elderly, the disabled, and veterans. Also, racism. So, what’s got Cher in a twizzy today? It appears to be Pennsylvania voter ID laws … and someone named Kathleen. Cher linked to a June Huffington Post article about Pennsylvania state representative Mike Turzai and his statement that strict voter ID laws will help propel Mitt Romney to a November victory.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you’ve just seen is The Truth. Courtesy of Cher.

Now, please say hello to Kathleen/Kathy! And … her car-less mom?

Hey Cher, is this the most important? Are you kidding?

Oh, Cher. You went “off the charts” a looooooooong time ago. “MAC NAZI NIGHT MEETING”? What, pray tell, might that involve? While we’ve admittedly become more adept at reading and translating Cher-ese, it’s still tough not to be mystified by her bizarre Twitter style. And sometimes, we’re just plain stumped.

SHE’S NOT UPSET!!!11!1! Whew! That was a close one.



Apparently the prospect of going “off the charts” hasn’t fazed Cher too much, as she stuck around a little longer to grace us with her infinite wisdom. Cher weighed in on Republican misogynists:

And, of course, the fabled Mac Nazis:

What? No history lesson from Professor Cher? Awww, nuts!

Well, maybe just one historical nugget:

Little known fact about “Mien Kampf” author Adolf Hitler: he had wings! Or did he?



Thanks to commenter billasur, it looks like the mystery of Kathleen/Kathy and Maggie has been solved. The women in question are alleged comedian Kathy Griffin and her mother Maggie. Like Cher, Griffin vehemently opposes voter ID laws. Because discrimination. And racism. And ageism. And racism.