Feel the love and the tolerance from actor Samuel L. Jackson who tweeted, “Unfair Shit: GOP spared by Issac ! NOLA prolly Fucked Again! Not understanding God’s plan!” Taking a page from the just as contemptible Ellen Barkin and other oh-so-loving lefties, Samuel L. Jackson is upset that people aren’t in the path of a potentially life-threatening storm, the name of which he can’t even spell.

Because, Republicans. He would wish harm on an entire state, in fact, just because the Republican National Convention is there. His unhinged derangement has reached epic levels and is beyond reprehensible. What is wrong with him? No, seriously. He needs to seek help.

And, of course, disgusting lefties agree with him.


Oh, yes. It’s hilarious to wish harm to people simply because you disagree with them. Side-splitting! If you are repugnant with no moral compass.

Some try to teach decency to the actor, who can’t even seem to form a hate-filled sentence without spewing curses.






Indeed. Like how it feels to not be morally bankrupt.

Update: And, predictably, here is the faux-pology.

But, wait … the unhinged and cursing continue.

Sure. Except that it’s “unfair” if you are Republican and are not in the storm’s path. Or a MUHFREPUBLICAN, whatever that is. We seem to have misplaced our unhinged lunatic to sane translation book.